77 Visual Merchandising Techniques, Tips and Ideas

I have published this article in 2011 and this has been improved for multiple times. It contains a list of 77 visual merchandising techniques, tips and ideas that I found to be helpful for visual merchandisers.

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>The original content is moved here.

After have open my own self-hosted blog, I decided to move into it with a lot of improvement on the content of this article. It also include ideas about window display, store environment, decoration tips and other important skills that are necessary for visual merchandiser.

I can be a good help for those who are starting to lean VM because it is more on basic things that visual merchandisers do.

The “77 Visual Merchandising Techniques, Tips and Ideas” is available now in PDF format which you can download for free so that you can save it into you smart phone and review it wherever you are, even in the places where there is no available internet connection.

It’s version 2.1 is now available. If you have gotten you copy last time through content locker which is quite difficult, now, it is totally easy to get a copy — you can straightforward get a copy in one click.

I often update this guide so that it has fresh content to stay tune so that you can get a free copy of the new version.

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