A Rebellion Against Overtime and Rushing

Why should you work overtime and always be rushing if you can choose to work at normal business hours at your normal speed?

In business world, including the retail industry of course, overtime and rush jobs are sometimes just like a daily diet. Everything seems to be urgent, everyone claims to be busy, employees are required to come to work very early in morning or go home late at night and procedures are cut short to immediately finish the project yet you could notice that the organization is less progressive. On my post about how to be efficient and effective at work, it is mention that an organization has to be both effective and efficient in order to be successful and overtime and rushing are not a signs of effectiveness and efficiency.

The Negative Effects of Overtime and Rushing

Your boss doesn’t like it. According to experts, money is the lifeblood on any business so I am sure that your boss doesn’t like to have an extra budget to pay your overtime if it is caused by your negligence. Take note that the usual payment for your overtime is 150% of your normal wage per hour and it is quite big amount if you have 30 hours overtime a month. Hmm! This is good idea actually to increase your income (just kidding). Aside from the extra payment for you overtime, other resources and energy like electricity and extra food and drinks may be used during the extra time you spent in the company.

Working overtime is bad for your health. According to cbsnews.com, “New research from The Journal of American Epidemiology says that long hours on the job are weakening your mental abilities and could put you at risk for developing dementia.” And according to the report about the risks of overtime, “Working overtime is bad for your health, according to a study which shows it brings an increased risk of heart disease and heart attacks. The research shows a 60% increase in heart-related illness such as non-fatal heart attacks and angina in those who work for three hours or more longer than a normal seven-hour day.”

Rushing cuts procedures and increase mistakes. When you rush, you tend violate the proper procedures in performing tasks and tend to jump quickly to another step and end the job. Cutting procedures is very dangerous especially when you are working in a field where standard operating procedures (SOP) are required. Just think how rush jobs played a role in oil spill in Mexico as reported.

Common Reasons Of Overtime And Rushing

Lack of planning. Unplanned activities consume so much time because this will let you do random works which even include many unrelated tasks. In planning, we are taught to set our goals in SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bounded) pattern and make actionable steps to attain the goals that was set. A plan serves as blueprint of every activity, maximizes every action and helps finish works in specific time.

Perfectionism. You need of course to aim high and produce extraordinary output, avoid mediocrity and get notice, but you shouldn’t be perfectionist because perfectionism will usually let you revise your work unendingly until you will only notice that you are already running out of time and if this would happen, you will surely be obliged to work in 24hours to beat the deadline. Just put your best put forward and improve your project one step at a time.

Procrastination. Though procrastination is not that bad because sometimes there are tasks that seem to be very important this moment and after an hour somebody will just inform you that you don’t have to do that work because the project was cancelled, but if you use this as an excuse to do your leisure during your working time, you will closely be in trouble. Proper time management is what you need.

Miscommunication. In school, we are taught to have good communication skills by listening, speaking and using our senses. Take note that listening is different from hearing – we are taught not just to hear but to listen. Do not let a conversation gone without clarifying your doubt about the given instructions or else you will be putting yourself in the hot seat by doing different things from what was instructed.

It could be acceptable if your OT or rushing is caused by untoward natural calamities, unpredictable emergencies and cases like hanging you decorations at the atrium where shoppers are going to-and-fro at the ground floor and you have no choice but to do the decoration after the store is closed, but it’s a different story if your overtime is caused by lack of planning, procrastination, perfectionism or miscommunication.

By knowing the reasons why you are having overtime and rushing your works and planning to get rid of those reasons, you can work at normal business hours at normal speed. So do I.


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