vrSoftware Announces 2011 Visual Merchandising Competition

vrSoftware™, the market leading provider of “Visual Retailing” software solutions, announced its 2011 Visual Merchandising Competition for students at more than 150 educational establishments worldwide now using “vrSoftware Mockshop®” as part of their curricula. See attached ‘Call for Competition Entries’ form for details and prizes.

“vrSoftware is sponsoring this competition to promote awareness of ‘Visual Retailing’ and the contributory role of Visual Merchandising to excellence in the Retail industry,” said Len Horridge, Educational Manager, vrSoftware. “By adopting Mockshop in their curricula these educational institutions have added practical job skills as well as academic prowess to deliver a better prepared pool of talent for recruitment by retailers and brands (some of those students have already been hired by leading retailers, such as Macy’s). Here’s how a few educators have described their intent.”

“We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to excellence in retail training, and we have found that the ‘Mockshop’ system certainly delivers what it says on the tin! It is extremely user friendly and yet delivers a high quality 3D visual floor plan for existing spaces or businesses at the concept stage.” George Elliott, The Source, Sheffield (Retail Trainer of the Year 2010)

“Producing a 3D floor plan with Mockshop will give students a sense of scale and perspective that other programs do not offer. Having the chance to design their own ‘virtual’ store is critical when demonstrating their creativity. Just as importantly, seeing how their collections can be displayed in those stores will allow them to consider the commercial aspects of their designs too.” Tony Morgan, Head of Visual Merchandising, The Fashion Retail Academy

“Implementing Mockshop will allow our students to work and learn at such a quicker pace, and with more industry focus too… This will give our students an edge on other graduates and ultimately make them more employable.” Peter Taylor, Hugh Baird College, Liverpool

“We’re very excited about incorporating Mockshop software into our courses. Not only will it give our students the creative freedom to develop their store layout and merchandising ideas in 3D, it will also equip them with a level of technological expertise that very few Australian visual merchandisers currently possess,” Kerry Little, Head Teacher of Visual Merchandising, Sydney TAFE

“Visual merchandising is growing as a profession throughout India and worldwide. By including Mockshop in our curriculum we will upgrade our course content and provide the Institute with a clear USP. In addition, creating our dedicated Mockshop Suite will help to establish the FDDI as a visual merchandising Centre of Excellence,” said Anil Kumar Sharma, Chief Retail Consultant Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI), India

“There seems to be a growing need by the retail industry for visualization software that can be used as a tool for planning shop floor and shelf layout. Mockshop meets this need very well, because once set up it’s very easy to drag and drop fixtures and products and quickly experiment with different scenarios, allowing not only the visual aspect to be evaluated but also various quantitative data.” Jason de Donno, Apsero Kompetens, Sweden

“Mockshop is fantastically easy to use and an incredibly powerful piece of software. Highly recommended.” Jane Mellor, Department of Clothing Design and Technology, MMU.

“I’d heard about this software before and I was absolutely wowed at how easy it was to use. In the blink of an eye, I was designing really stunning retail environments. My students love it, too, and are way ahead of me!” Esther Pugh, Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University

“Retailing success was and is dependent on the quality of decisions made by Planners, Buyers and Visual Merchandisers and, of course, today’s students are tomorrow’s decision makers. Historically the business processes employed by these roles were largely manual but today’s technology offers significant productivity increases through visualization and virtualization using highly intuitive and retail industry specific software tools,” said Colin Liversedge, CEO/MD, vrSoftware. “We hope the competition will add to student motivation, foster competition and provide public recognition for innovation and excellence.”

“Visual Retailing” is the market for retail industry visual planning and communication tools including those supplied by vrSoftware which claims market leadership with its “vrSoftware Mockshop®” for visual retailing and
vrSoftware Sampleroom™” for range visualization. The vrSoftware visual retailing suite enables creating, delivering and executing quality visual merchandising instructions. Interactive virtual store modeling and visual merchandising automates production of visual ‘planograms’ and enables greater collaboration between visual merchandisers and staff in each retail store.


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