11 (Recycling) Cardboard Inspired Posts You Must Visit

Although some of these posts are purely cardboard art, they would be helpful when you are planning to have something unique and “green” project through recycling cardboard. I have included here the introduction of each post for you to have an overview of which one you would visit first, but I suggest that you would spend time on visiting all of them especially when you are GREEN-friendly visual merchandiser.

100% Recycled Cardboard Interior is Totally Tubular

The British menswear label Smithfield recently teamed up with furniture designer Peter Masters to create an eclectic and 100% recycled interior for their new Manchester shop.

David Stark’s Incredible Recycled Cardboard Creations

A new West Elm store opened up in Manhattan last week, and the opening gala featured an incredible collection of one-of-a-kind cardboard furnishings crafted by acclaimed designer and event producer David Stark.

“Living Nature” Pavilion Made From Hundreds of Cardboard Boxes

Spanish Architect Hector Ruiz Velazquez transforms “mundane” materials into sleekly curved interiors. In his latest creation “Living Nature,” currently on display at Habitat Valencia in Valencia, Spain, Velazquez explores how space and light interact through the arrangement of recycled cardboard boxes.

12 Cool Cardboard Artworks

Biodegradable art is all the rage, with artists using anything from old newspapers to cardboard. But the artists who choose cardboard, a.k.a. “heavy-duty paper,” do so for its structural strength. It also happens to be cheap. Whether the materials are straight out of the trash or brand-new, we’ve collected 12 examples of what a creative mind can do.

5 Amazing Cardboard Artists and Their Sculptures

Who doesn’t love art that breaks the mold? Recycled art and design, green art and extraordinary art from everyday objects all stimulate the imagination in ways ordinary works can rarely achieve – and cardboard art is no exception. Recycled and environment friendly, the following artwork is not just an expression of the artists’ points of view but is also a statement about the nature of art itself.

Cardboard Tube Art

Cardboard tubing, whether it be from toilet paper rolls or industrial strength tubing, is a versatile medium that many artists and designers have experimented with. Below are some amazing examples of what is possible with a cardboard tube.

Edge Cardboard Interior in Greece

We love this beautifully sculpted cardboard mille-feuille that lines the walls of Yiorgos Eleftheriades‘ Yeshop in Athens. Dubbed “Papercut”, the project was a collaboration between the fashion designer and dARCH Studio. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to interior design, synthesizing elements of fashion and architecture into a streamlined, self-illuminated, biomorphic installation that was handmade using all eco-friendly materials.

DIY Cardboard Craft Idea: Cheap Modular Building Blocks

While they start small, each module can be interlocked with others to form ever-larger structures including entire walls that are self-supporting, rigid and act as singular units once constructed.

Cardboard Stylish Display Pop Up

Just like acoustic interior design music studio, this pop up items made of board. The difference is that this design is not meant to have resonance, but to have things displayed on. This cardboard stylish display pop up, gives charming catchy appearance. It remains catchy even when you bring this item home to decorate your latest house design. Giles Miller does the job well.

Unique Store of Green-Thinking Brand

Francesca Signori projected a unique store made entirely from cardboard for a new italian green-thinking brand called eBarrito. The new eBarrito store consist of modular, double-pressed cardboard walls equipped with wavy-style shelving achieved with interlocking tubular sections and modular lamps resembling bird-cages.

The Design of Stepped Cardboard Installation

This bookshop was made from 600 corrugated cardboard panels that were cut, folded, perforated, and glued together to form a massive block strong enough to sitting on.