What are Your Visual Merchandising Tips for autumn and Fall 2011?

The first day of fall is about to come.  Have you prepared your store for this season?

Although not all countries around the world are celebrating the coming season, it is perhaps (I am not quite sure) in the heart of most visual merchandiser to prepare a display for this time. Honestly, I haven’t experience seeing in actual scene millions of maple leaves falling on and covering the ground since birth because I grew and I am living in a tropical country where there are only two seasons, rainy and dry. However, what I usually notice on videos and photo about this season is of course the changes on the color of the leaves of the trees, the pumpkins, the scarecrow and  the harvest. The same concepts are seen in window display and store decoration.

Here are some tips for visual merchandisers in the countries that do not have Autumn and Fall Season:

  • Focus your  theme on the current public holidays or festivals in your locality.
  • Add a little touch of Fall concept on your display and do not exaggerate.
  • If your store have sale or any promotion, give emphasis on it.

How about you, who is living in a country which experiences Autumn and Fall, how do you prepare your store for this season? Would you mind to share some visual merchandising  tips for Autumn and Fall 2011?


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