Exciting Facts for VM

Experimental psychologist Red Rui Tela (Treicher) confirmed through experiments that 83% of human information is obtained from the sense of sight, 11% comes from sense hearing, 94% comes from the combination of sense sight and hearing, 3.5% from the sense of smell, 1.5% from the sense of touch, 1% from the sense of taste.

The research carried out by Russell R. Mueller shows a well planned hot spot can increase sales by 229% and some of the items on Rolling Racks with signage posted sales increases well above 134%.

The movement of human eyes follows two common patterns, the Z Pattern and the F Pattern. For Z Pattern, the viewer will start in the top left, move horizontally to the top right and then diagonally to the bottom right before finishing with another horizontal movement to the bottom right. For the F Pattern, eye starts in the top left, moves horizontally to the top right and then comes back to the left edge before making another horizontal sweep to the right. This second sweep won’t extend as far as the first sweep. Additional sweeps move less and less to the right and for the most part after the second major sweep the eye sticks close to the left edge as it moves downs.

Research carried out in the US shows a 43% consumer recall from static displays and a 94% consumer recall from animated displays, plus 80% of consumers could remember the product.

Research has revealed that during the same sales period, if 100 products were sold with no signage, then 170 were sold with handwritten signs were used, and 265 products were sold when signs were professionally produced to sell the product.

(Debra Templar. (2009). Ignite the Christmas Spirit! [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/DebraTemplar/ignite-the-christmas-spirit)

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