Hi, thank you for visiting The Visual Merchandising Blog.

This blog aims to help the retailers and the visual merchandisers of the Generation Y.  The Visual Merchandising Blog was created to meet the needs on producing relevant and attractive designs and artworks for visual merchandising and to help develop the skills and competencies of the millennial retailers and visual merchandisers to become efficient and effective in this field. On this blog, you can find articles and resources concerning decorating, props making, POS and POP display, window display, merchandise presentation, atmospherics, store design and layout, VM tools, VM techniques and tips, VM career and many more; the bottom line is of course visual merchandising. Trivia, brain teasers and fun stuffs are also included on this blog to add entertainment and dynamism.

I don’t consider myself as a expert yet I have the genuine desire to help the newly grown retailers and visual merchandisers though this blog. Whenever I learn and discover something new, expect to find it on this blog. You are also very much welcome to share an article here to become an inspiration for everybody.

By the way, I am Jyppe A. Quidores, a print design and visual merchandising specialist. I work to provide creative and innovative graphic design and visual arts solutions for retailers. Making display props and setting up floor and window display, designing effective signage system and maintenance of the visual impact of the store are only few to mention my current responsibilities. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and I am continuing my education in Product Photography, Copywriting and Retail Management with emphasis on visual merchandising. Plus, I am blogging about Visual Merchandising for millennial retailers and visual merchandisers – just reiterating. 😀

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