Favorite VM Quotes

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Color affects visual merchandising by attracting people within the first five seconds, which communicates an immediate association or emotion. ~Mark Clifton

Visual selling has become very important because of the whole boom in retail, as it immediately attracts the customer. ~Vikram Sharma

A good visual merchandiser has an eye on details.

Visual merchandising (VM) is an indispensable retail discipline, consisting of a series of practical selling tools that are used to influence what and how much consumers buy. ~Karl McKeever

Visual merchandising is the silent salesperson.

Visual merchandising is not a science; there are no absolute rules. It is more like an art in the sense that there are implicit rules but they may be broken for striking effects. The main principle of visual merchandising is that it is intended to increase sales, which is not the case with a “real” art. ~Wikipedia

Visual merchandising is the art of implementing effective design ideas to increase store traffic and sales volume.  ~Shari Waters

If eyes are the windows to the soul; then shop windows are just as revealing. They reveal the soul of the shop. ~Debra Templar

Create theatrical effects. Part of any theatrical set are special effects that transcends yet coordinate the other elements. To heighten store excitement and enhance store images, retailers have again borrowed from the theater. ~Michael Levy & Barton A. Weitz

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